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customer testimonials


Check out what our fabulous friends and fans have to say about Melis! Because as they say "self-praise is no form of recommendation", we've included a sampling of testimonials we've received over time (with many more to be added shortly) to let you know what our devoted friends and fans have to say about their Melis experiences and their Melis goods...

"I have ordered from many bath sites, and none I can say even comes close to Melis. In the packaging, in the care you give in making sure everything is perfect, the design and quality of products. Your scents are "true scents" not fake and plastic. Your customer service is top notch. Oh and how could I forget generous. The many samples you give are almost like another order, there is so many, other places give you a tiny sample if any. I love shopping here. I feel comfortable the price is right, and the products are amazing. My absolute favorite is your starflower crème, the ingredients you use are rich and decadent, and not fillers. I just want to say I will be here shopping for a very long time. One product I would love to see is a hand cream."  - Joanne S., Ontario, Canada

"Susanna always has a kind word in every email that she writes.  If she's running a little behind, she's apologizing.  She always asks how you, the customer, is doing.  I believe she truly enjoys what she does and takes great pride in her products.  The products from Melis keep wowing me with each new order.  They are of such high quality and smell insanely wonderful, delicious enough to eat, even!  Susanna is a real doll and the improvements to her site and customer service and products on a daily basis delight me to no end. I am beyond happy for Susanna and every success that comes her way!"  - Holly E., California.

“Well you know I’m in love with all of your products – especially your AMAZING body scrubs! But the foot crème and scrub are absolutely wonderful and should be a staple in anyone’s beauty stash - dancer or not!” Georgina Hayball, Ballerina,  AR.A.D., S.T.C., T.D., A.I.S.T.D., Toronto, Canada.   *As someone who spends way more time on her toes than most of us, Georgina says her primary criteria for a fantastic, effective foot lotion is how soft it makes her feet feel (a must!), as well as how deliciously fragrant it leaves her feet smelling (she fancies mints and menthol), because after all (and we quote), “sometimes those ballet shoes get stinky!”.  Her products of choice? Melis sugarfrost peppermint cocoa foot crème and sugarfrost pumice & peppermint foot polish!  Find them here.

"As a victim of lactose intolerance, I thought all was lost in terms of indulging in decadence. That was until I receieved the Absolute Cocoa Chocolate Hand & Body Lotion - Who knew that one whiff could create the same nirvana once enjoyed from nibbling on Hershey's Kisses? With ALMONDS??!!
Thanks, Melis, for rescuing lost enjoyment of all things cacao!"
~ Felicia Coley, The Well-Heeled Society,  http://www.wellheeledsociety.blogspot.com

"Is it wrong to open jars of scrubbie goodness and inhale deeply - 20 times a day? I think nay." – Maggie S., Quebec, Canada

"When I first opened my Triple Layer Strawberry Cheesecake body scrub I wanted to eat it, but I stopped myself. Who knew heaven was as close as Canada?" - Deb M.

"Funny story: Wore my Melis orange cream cake whipped shea and roll-on today and I went in the library this morning to meet my friend Ross. We were talking but he seemed distracted for a few minutes, he was looking around. Then he finally said that he smelled cupcakes and asked if I smelled it too. He was looking around tryin to see who had them. I was like, maybe it's my lotion and perfume....so I took the roll-on out of my purse for him to sniff. He put it up to his nose, then he just burst out REALLY loud "Omg Megan I just wanna eat you!" Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up. LOL. I was cracking up, you should have seen some people's expressions! He wasn't even paying attention, he kept going on "No seriously, that smells so good, I'm tempted to lick you right now." I had the whipped shea in my car and he asked if he could see it, and, despite my warnings, insisted on tasting some. Ah, guys...lol" - Megan E., South Carolina

"You make such amazing products, definitely spa-quality. You have me hooked for life! From the preliminary smell test, everything smells DELICIOUS! My mom had her head in the box smelling the peanuts, and she usually hates the smell of anything I order. She said she wanted to eat the mango bubble bar, so now I know where to buy her a birthday present! :) The sugarberry scrub smells absolutely divine.  I have searched far and wide for a TRUE berry scent, and finally I've found it! I usually find berry scents to smell too much like potpourri or something for my liking, but this one is perfect.  It reminds me of these fruit juice pops we buy from Del Monte - SO delicious!  Just like real fruit. I'm sure it will smell even better when I get to use it.  Yuzu lotion -->WOW! This is a delicious citrus scent. I love it! It's such a pick-me-up in the morning, and my boyfriend loves it. :) " - Miranda H, Alberta, Canada, www.mastedonia.com

"Keep it coming!" -Danielle P., Kansas.

"Susanna's a doll!! I just used my last bit of sugar scrub, so I can't wait for my next order!" - Lynne S., Arizona

"Your products are outstanding (and I'm a product ho'). I just got my blackberry scrub. Delicious!  Marzipan Spiceberry…Mmmmmmmmm" – Elizabeth M., Rhode Island.

"Melis is truly an original! ;)" – Heather W., Ontario, Canada

"I love your products! I burn your tarts almost daily and the starflower silk cream is my favorite body product.  Orange Cream Cake, Amour de cacao and Yuzu are my favorite so far." – Sophie M., Quebec, Canada.

"I love everything Melis! :)" - Jennifer C., North Carolina

"You rock the known world!!" - Rachel Smith, Founder, www.SBSTeas.com

"You have the best tarts I have ever tried ~ thank you!... I have yet to try a scent I don't absolutly LOVE!"  – Stacie C.

"Susanna, your tarts are definitely A++++ quality! I try other companies (Because I love tarts), but in the end yours always wins 1st place!" - Silvia S., Manitoba, Canada

"Love the tarts! LOVE. I love the fact that you can burn the same tart over and over and the scent remains! My house smells so fabulous now, thanks to your wax tarts! The scents are amazing and so long lasting. I'm in love!" Joanna, Manitoba, Canada

"I love your sugar berry scent and I want it in EVERYTHING!!"  - Jeanette H. *You can find our original sugarberry body polish here, as well as in matching lotion, perfume oil and soy simmers!

"I love your stuff Susanna!! Especially your scrubs." - Lindsay Green, Pickering, Ontario www.lindsayscandles.com

"LOVE Melis' products!!!" – Kathy M.

"You have the very best tarts and scrubs." – Dorothy L., Ontario

"I love everything I've been trying so far, and the Pink Sugar scent is superlative! (But when I wear Pink Sugar I just want to sniff myself all day, so maybe that's not a good thing ;-) I try to refrain.) There's a pumpkin cheesecake tart in my burner right now, and I keep getting impatient to try the new ones, but it just keeps on smelling so good that I haven't the heart to change it...Oh yeah, and that peppermint foot scrub! Wowzer!" - Amy G, Philadelphia.

"Melis has the most wonderful coconut scents ever! Coconut Mandarin has got to be one of the most fabulous scents on earth!  It is the unique and exclusive-to-Melis scents like this one that keep me coming back for more. I have yet to try a scent from Melis that I don't swooooon over. ;)  Let me spread the word about Marzipan Spiceberry Cake.  This is one INSANELY good scent!  It's extraordinary, indescribably delicious, and perfect for cool weather.  It rules in tart form but also makes me swoon in the starflower & silk lotion.  I can only imagine how incredible it would be in a scrub.  *dreaming* Anyone who hasn't tried it yet needs to hop on the MSC bandwagon, pronto!!  I will shout it from the rooftops:  "Marzipan Spiceberry Cake!"  'Nuff said. ;)  - Holly E., California 

"I love what you do! Your scent choices are amazing!" – Jennifer F.

"Yummy scrubs and even yummier scents." – Annabelle S., Ontario, Canada

"I just got my package yesterday, and oh my goodness! I am absolutely in Sugarberry heaven again.  I used the scrub almost two hours ago on my legs, and my hands still smell so pretty! Not to mention the super smoothness of my legs.   LOL, you should get some kind of an award for inventing that scrub. ;)" - Miranda H., Alberta, Canada, www.mastedonia.com

"Fabulous scents! I have to resist from munching down on the tarts ;D  The body polish is fab! Not oily, yet leaves me feeling soft and moisturized....Vanilla moon! DH LOOOOVES it :D.....Love the coconut scents! Yum :D ....Love the dry oil spray. Such a long-lasting blast of scent! Fab!" - Joanna D., Manitoba, Canada

"I have only ordered once, but the tarts were heavenly!" - Sonja K.

"I have only had the good fortune to sniff one Melis tart, and I'm excited to receive my order, which should arrive any day now!" Barbara B., Texas

"I love love love your scrubs!!!!!" - Serena

"I really like the starflower silk cream and the sugar scrubs!"  - Ruchita G.

"Your site is beautiful to use, just like your products! I'd love to see some more non-foody tart scents." – Carolyn S.

"So far, have only tried one item - the chocolate mask - my skin looks amazing - where did all the blackheads go???" - Mary T.

"Love what I've seen from Melis!" - Robin C.

"Your products are great!" - Erica

"I LOVE amour de cacao. OMG! SO so fabulous. Please don't get rid of it! To die for! So so good. Smells like heavenly chocolate with a pinch of
orange and vanilla. Smells like decadent cookies and I just want to eat my arm!" -
Joanna D., Manitoba, Canada

Love everything Melis!  The products, the scents, the customer service, the website, the forum!  It all rocks my scented world! :) I can't stop ordering from Melis!  Each item I try and scent that I sniff has me craving more, more more!  Thank you for sharing your awesome talent with bath, body & tart freaks like myself, Susanna. ;) – Holly E., California  

We're adding even MORE testimonials shortly here with our next web site update...Want your name in lights along with the others? Simply contact us with your thoughts - we LOVE hearing from you!



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