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our philosophy at melis...

We believe every woman is beautiful and deserves the most incredible skin care. It’s all about you. We offer you skin care as unique as you are. We put our passion and creativity into creating the Melis indulgences you have grown to love, and we continually strive for excellence because you deserve to feel decadent with no compromise.

We don’t skimp on decadence. We believe that the highest of quality is essential and we will never compromise on the grade or inclusion levels of the ingredients we use to create our luscious delights for you. We use only the finest ingredients available on the planet – and only the finest grades within those single amazing ingredients. The highest quality of fruit extracts, natural vegetable oils, pure exotic butters, specialty clays from around the world and mineral-rich salts from the Dead Sea are only a few of the luxurious ingredients we use as an essential starting point - to which we add a heaping dose of our creative talent, skill and passion for what we do.

Melis is multi-sensory. It is not enough for our products to be effective in a clinical or perfunctory manner – your beauty ritual is also to indulge, awaken your senses, ignite passion and invoke your emotions. We take a handmade, artisanal approach to beauty product formulating - resulting in skin care synesthesia at its finest. Our creative use of decadent ingredient textures, alluring and natural colours together with truly incredible aromas has set us apart in the market. From proven efficacy at the original formulary level to end user enjoyment, we’ve earned a reputation for providing outstanding sensorial beauty rituals.

Fresh is better. The same principle behind buying fresh food at the grocery store, as opposed to buying processed food, applies to skin care. There is no denying that fresh, natural body care is better and more effective for your skin –and you deserve the absolute best. Our products are handmade daily with artisanal passion and precision to ensure that you receive your “skin food” chock full of its nutritious vitamin and minerals - ready for you to use at its maximum efficacy.

No unnecessary fillers and chemicals that are added today to so many products only to increase the manufacturer's profit. In contrast, when we create a product at Melis our focus is on making the best products possible for you. Every product you find here at Melis is something that we personally love to create and use, and that will nourish your skin - as well as make you feel simply wonderful.

A firm commitment to eco-friendly and fair-trade practices. We believe that our planet contains the most fantastic ingredients to indulge with, and that it will always do so provided we use them responsibly - while wholly respecting all of the people who bring us our ingredients as well as the processes utilized. At Melis, elements such as sourcing fair trade ingredients and biodegradable materials as well as using recyclable beauty packaging that you can dispose of responsibly once you are finished using your product, are all a part of our respect for our earth and our fellow humans - as well as an awareness we continually encourage in our friends and customers.

Beauty without cruelty. At Melis we take a zero tolerance approach to animal cruelty and we are firmly opposed to animal testing (*we also do not commission anyone to perform animal testing on our behalf). We certify that we do not purchase raw materials from vendors who perform animal testing and that the few ingredients from animals that we use (buttermilk and honey) are sourced from responsible suppliers in our local community who abide by the same animal-friendly principles.

We turn your passion for indulgence into an improved quality of life for others. From our product offerings to our core philosophy behind Melis, we believe that every woman should feel alive, in tune with her spirit and always strive for more. To that effect we support charitable causes and forward-thinking concepts that will make a difference in the lives and self-esteem of women. 
Because every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel decadent.

More than just a brand, Melis is a state of mind. 






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