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organic argan oil  pure facial serum  

If heaven could be bottled as an oil, it would be Argan. An oil unlike no other, it deserves all the praise and accolades it receives. Produced from the kernels of the Argan tree (known as the "Tree of Life" by the Moroccan Berber community) it is also one of the rarest and most expensive oils in the world. *Read below why it is called "liquid gold" and a "miracle ingredient" by those in the know...

Searching for "the one"? Your search is over! This fabulous organic oil can be used as a facial serum treatment before applying your regular moisturizer, or alone as a facial moisturizer, or as a primer before applying mineral makeup.  Versatile and nutritive, Argan oil can also be used on hair and nails with excellent results!

*100% natural, organic, vegan, paraben-free, phthalate-free & cruelty-free beauty product

1 oz / 30 ml


ingredients: virgin organic argania spinosa (argan) oil (*deodorized).

*Read more about some of our decadent ingredients here.







Argan Oil Benefits for Skin:

Hydrates the skin and increases elasticity, while stimulating skin cells and softening skin texture, smoothing wrinkles.

Rich in squalane, as well as flavonoids (anti-inflammatory and antioxidant), and possesses extremely high levels of antioxidant vitamin E (twice the amount of olive oil!), saponins, and essential fatty acids and nutrients. *Contains vitamin A, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids.

Contains active substances called triterpenoids that offer amazing skin protection benefits - including tissue healing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Regulates sebum production, and is thus beneficial for even oily or acne-prone skin (does not clog pores).

Contains rare plant sterols (phytosterols) that are not found in any other oil. Contains plant sterols that improve skin metabolism, reduce inflammation, and promote excellent moisture retention.

Possesses many anti-inflammatory properties, and is soothing to troubled skin and acne prone skin.

Empowers the Berber women in Morocco who hand press the oil in small batches from the rare seed of the Argan tree. This is a laborious process taking approximately 12 - 20 hours of hand processing to produce a single litre of Argan oil.










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