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fresh facial skin care

Indulge in our pure, luscious, fresh facial skin care treatments and feel the difference natural decadence makes! Our fresh and 100% natural face masks are free of any synthetic fragrance and gentle enough for all skin types.   

At Melis, our exclusive and innovative fresh facial masks are packaged in a dry powder format that is to be custom-blended with your choice of water or any other aqueous or oily medium you desire (or even fresh fruit purée) before application to your skin.  (Not to worry - blending your mask is easy and takes only seconds.) This dry format allows for more versatility of each masque than those pre-packaged in a wet format. 

The bonus: When you are given more choice with your activator medium, you can actually boost the efficacy of your dry mask according to both your skin type and its day-to-day changing needs - including dealing with the effects of fluctuating hormones, the weather, pollution, stress, travel, aging and irritants, to name but a few. 

We know you’ll absolutely enjoy the unique experience of your tailor-made, fresh and completely natural facial application, and that you’ll look forward to it again and again.


pomegranate martini facial mask
 cocoa rhassoul facial mask
 pumpkin enzyme  peel facial mask
berries & cream facial mask
fresh fruit smoothie facial mask
 seaweed spa facial mask
 watermelon hibiscus facial mask *new!
pink lotus & sandalwood facial mask *new!
organic lavender spa facial mask *new!
 100% organic argan oil face serum *new!
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