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fragrance options & descriptions


Starflower Silk Crème - Fragrance Options

French Cocoa - A seductive, lingering chocolate fragrance, this scent combines confection with sensual indulgence.  Notes of aphrodesiac cocoa bean, warm unsweetened dark chocolate, vanilla and a faint whisper of starfruit are beautifully balanced with a dash of bright orange zest.  Elegant, gourmand and passionately warm all at once - this is a delectably gorgeous scent and a must try.

Black Raspberry & Vanilla Juicy, dark sun-sweetened raspberries enveloped with smooth rich vanilla – alluring and addictive! ~new!~

Cake Pure sweet, creamy cake - no almond notes, no spice notes, just pure delicious and rich vanilla cake with a touch of buttercream frosting...incredibly strong!

Cake Batter Ice Cream  – Aromatic notes of creamy cake batter, sugar cane, vanilla and rich ice cream…Simply incredible! ~new!~

Caramel y Cupuaçu Where do we begin? This caramel fragrance is simply so delicious it's incredible! With smoothly blended notes of sweet caramel, rich buttercream, cupuaçu, raw sugar, and vanilla bean extract it will make your mouth water. ~new!~

Cinnamon Sugar Discover cinnamon heaven with this incredible fragrance! Spicy cinnamon, vanilla extract, tonka bean, raw sugar and more combine to create a powerful, incredible aroma that will make your mouth water. Warm, comforting and alluring...if you love cinnamon, trust us - it's a must have! ~new!~

Coconut Lemongrass - A clean, fresh and exotic aromatic blend of creamy coconut blended with tart lemongrass - sophisticated, refreshing and unisex. A favourite and top seller with men and women alike.

Cranberry Fig - A rich mélange of fresh, tart cranberries tempered by the deliciously mild allure of sweet fig - a very unique and upscale aroma.

Gingercake - Craving spice? Look no further than our supremely rich, "cakey" gingerbread - a limited edition scent just in time for the holidays! What could be better than the spicy aroma of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, brown sugar, honey, cream, saffron and more...frosted with the most delicious creamy icing.  What can we say - it's amazing!   ~seasonal~

Green Tea Ice Cream - Your new favorite frozen treat:  Fresh matcha green tea blended with luscious cream, milk and sweet vanilla - refreshing and laced with sweetness!

Lemon Sugar Kiss - Fans of our best-selling Pink Sugar, you will ADORE this! Think of it as Pink Sugar's lemon-kissed cousin. Tart, sweet and zesty lemony goodness meets sugary pink cotton candy sweetness. You'll be addicted in no time! ~new~ 

Marshmallow Pure sugary sweet, fluffy marshmallows - drool-worthy and a must-have if you love vanilla scents (or marshmallows)!!!  No toasted notes - just pure fresh out of the bag, sticky-sweet marshmallow goodness.

Oceania - Sensual yet fresh, our Oceania is upscale and elegantly clean. Not floral or heady like so many marine fragrances out there, this is one unique and sexy aquatic fragrance. With its delightful watery notes and nuances of crisp salty sea air, you’ll be reminiscing of your favourite seashore in no time. Utterly refreshing!

Pink Grapefruit Sorbet - Fresh pink grapefruit and sweet orange notes with a mild hint of apple, peach, strawberry, and loganberry - smells like fresh pink grapefruit laced with sweet sugar!

Japanese Yuzu - Otherwise known as a tart Japanese grapefruit with sweet overtones of mandarin orange, this delicious fruit is a most incredible and sparkling fresh citrus.

Satsuma Guava - Vibrant dominant notes of refreshing Japanese mandarin mingled with succulent guava - a veritable tropical citrus fruit paradise that will make your mouth water! ~new~

Spa Tonic - Refreshing yet relaxing, our Spa Tonic is a sophisticated and perfectly balanced herbal mixture of greens, rosemary, bergamot, geranium and soft woods. Fresh and astringent, yet soft and clean.

Sweet Pumpkin Pie - Plenty of pureed pumpkin, sweet milk, whipped cream, honey, vanilla extract and flakey crust - but not too heavy on the spice! Without a doubt, this is one of the most mouth-watering gourmand aromas we've come across in ages. With only a kiss of spice, this pumpkin is a definite comfort scent - if you love foodie fragrances you will LOVE this!

Strawberry Cupcake - Delicious sweet, fresh strawberries folded into moist, decadent vanilla cupcakes, and frosted with rich strawberry buttercream icing. Mouthwatering! 

Tropical Ambrosia - Top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, mid notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum and strawberries, and a hint of vanilla as a base note. Utterly delicious!!!

Pink Sugar - A delicate and sweet blend of cotton candy, caramel, barbe-à-papa, vanilla, wood, soft powder and musk, lightened by top notes of fresh bergamot, Sicilian orange, and raspberry. Completing this complex aromatic mixture are background notes of fig leaves, lily of the valley, licorice, strawberry, and red fruit.  BEST SELLER. At Melis we donate a portion of proceeds from our sales of Pink Sugar products to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Our Pink Sugar products are perfect if you are looking for an utterly top-selling "pink" product for your own charitable marketing efforts.  *October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year.

*What is barbe-à-papa?  Literally translated, it means "papa's beard", but it is actually the French term for cotton candy, or candy floss.


Vanilla Coconut Cream - Sweet, rich and creamy vanilla with fresh coconut milk. *This scent is applicable to our Vanilla & Coconut Whipped Shea and Vanilla Coconut Whipped Creme products as well as our Starflower Silk Creme - Vanilla Coconut Cream.

Tahitian Vanilla & Coconut - Sweet and rich vanilla heightened with notes of rum, and a dash of fresh coconut milk. *This scent is applicable to our Tahitian Vanilla & Coconut body oil.




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